The Houston VIP Poetry Slam team was founded in 2009 as the H-Town Slam Team by Marcell Murphy, Deborah “D.E.E.P.” Mouton, Seth Walker and Vincent “Black Blues” Johnson. In 2011, our name was changed to the Houston VIP Slam Team and we became a program of Expressions-EWCOC. It’s mission includes creating community where writers can come to create, practice, and sharpen their skills for the page and the stage. Through the medium of slam poetry, we are able to bring literacy to the forefront. Our blend of writing an theatrics cause for an engaging and entertaining take on life, and offers our writers the chance to “spit” about their issues and experiences that concern them and their communities.


In 2013, The Houston VIP Poetry Slam was ranked #2 in the nation’s best group performers. In both 2014 and 2016, Houston VIP were semi-finalists in the National Poetry Slam and ranked as the best poetry slam team in the state of Texas!  Houston VIP is currently ran  by Slam Master Deborah DEEP Mouton.

To further our mission, we offer monthly writing workshops, as well as, a monthly slam poetry competition. Our competitions are judged by 5 random audience members. Those 12 poets who favor the best with our audience over our slam season will compete in our Grand Slam at the end of February. The best 5 will make the National team to represent Houston at the National Poetry Slam Competition for the year.

By blending a healthy competition with immediate audience feedback, writers in our community grow leaps and bounds and are able to find a voice here, where they may have never found one before. Don’t believe us, just stop by a slam and be amazed!